Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Above is a Ford Transit Connect. It’s a teeny weeny van, and I’m going to get me one. It’s going to become a camping van for Sheba and me so that we can go comfortably on adventures next Summer and sleep in the van. And, I can visit friends in Vancouver with Sheba for a weekend, and we can sleep in the car. I’m excited!

What a way to finish! 

I like in a one-story log home, but the roof is pitched steeply and so over the guest rooms, there’s actually a room I’ve only once been in. At the opposite end of the house is my office, and above it, the western wall of my home extends to the roof. There is no room at this end. So, it’s blisteringly high.

And the cobwebs up there. Oh my God! Before I could paint, I had to do a thorough cleaning and taping before I could paint. And my office had to be completely dismantled. But it’s done and it looks great. And when I put my office back together, I got some power cords so that when I use my generator, it’s going to be a lot easier to power up my router and computer.

Reassembly involved climbing through the “loft” where I never go, to install a wire enabling me to relocate my phone. It’s a favourite place for the cats up there. They can go up there and be away from Sheba and I, and I threw cardboard up there for them to play in. It was a horrifying sight.

I cleaned it up for over an hour, working on my hands and bony knees. And, when that was done, it ended a Herculean task: Decorating and thorough house cleaning.

Here are some photos without great lighting.

The original colour: Jaundice. (Click on the photos to enlarge
them (but you lose the captions).

The hallway is now brown; the dining room and kitchen are green.

The two-story wall is now green.

The kitchen is now "Verdicchio."

Verdicchio again, in the living room.

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