Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Big Walk

Saturday was a truly lovely day—and a long one. I was out in the shed fetching wood at four am. I took Sheba for a walk and as we walked through a forest full of mushrooms and water, I pondered how best to get Diet Coke and the key to my postal box that’s in my car at the automotive shop.

We came home, I packed my knapsack and Sheba and I set out on a long walk into the village—a first-time experience. I’d mapped out a route via two trails I knew well, and three trails I’d never been on before. Finding the new trails and walking them would be a bit of a challenge, I knew—trails often split, and it isn’t obvious which one to take—but I was up for it.

I mostly went for the walk. It was such a stunning day. But I also wanted to get Diet Coke (as I explained in my previous post). We set out to walk via forest trails for eight kilometers and beside the road on the new sand bed for the new sidewalk our community is getting for one-point-five K. It was a healthy invigorating thing to do together on a beautiful day.

We left, with me feeling full of adventure, just before ten, and I took my new camera. We did it in just under two hours, and just as I entered the store I saw Regina who offered us a ride home. I enthusiastically accepted and filled my backpack with Diet Coke (given that I didn’t have to carry them back). The cats were giddy to see us when we got back. Everyone wanted lunch, and then we all relaxed in our nice warm cabin in the woods with the low Winter sunlight streaming in through the windows.

In the evening, a long-time friend called. I’ve known Bev since we were in high school together; we’ve been fast friends all our lives. She called because she has suddenly started to stutter. She could not believe it. I could not believe it. What a conversation we had! 

She, however, expects her stutter to go away. She’s been on opioid pain medication for ages and is now on withdrawal. She believes her stuttering is one of her many, dreadful, withdrawal symptoms that are expected to be temporary. We’ll see.

Today began bright and clear but soon clouded over. I walked Her Highness, and then frittered the day away doing some writing, watching a movie and chopping some wood. Now, I’m impatiently waiting for tonight’s episode of the Great British Baking Show. 

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