Monday, November 30, 2020

Quick Change

I heard this morning that the car cannot be fixed at Gabriola Automotive—and the problem is a serious one. Deb called early this morning. As I write this second sentence, the eleven o’clock news is on the radio. I’m finally posting because ever since her call, I’ve been arranging my schedule for tomorrow.

I faced having my car towed to a repair shop in Nanaimo. So, I found a dealer with a service department that can handle Fiats, and soon found myself looking at the used cars they had for sale. They have a van that would be an ideal camper for Sheba and me.

To make a long difficult story short: Kevin, my fabulous neighbour, is taking me to the dealership in Nanaimo tomorrow on the ten am ferry—with the tow-truck and my car—and I expect to trade-in my car for the van and come home shortly thereafter in the new (used: 2015) vehicle (above).

I’m terribly excited. I’ll miss my fabulous little Fiat with the huge sunroof, it was ideal for the city. But this new car is far, far better suited for my life on Gabriola. 

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