Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New Car Day

The Fiat engine repair is a serious problem. The inability of the local automotive shop to deal with complex problems with my car, was the spark I needed to take action. 

I can live on Gabriola and never go to the big island, very comfortably. The only essential off-island services are government offices and medical specialists/the local hospital. I don’t want a car that can’t be easily serviced here. So rather than go through all the hassle of getting the engine fixed now and the body work done later so that I can resell it, I decided to change cars.

I have a deep inborn dread of and car salesmen—and I mean sales men (not women). And I can’t sell something privately; the calls and visits of strangers is absolute anathema to me. I become mute and I lose motor control of my arms, hands and face. The same thing happens with car salesmen.

When I saw the chance to trade in the Fiat, even in poor condition, and get a new (used) car, better suited to my lifestyle, the simplicity of the solution was irresistible regardless of the cost.

I’m going to miss my Fiat. I loved how the entire roof opened up for Summer rides, the great heater and Bose sound system. And I loved having a fire engine red little European car. But I’m already excited about having a vehicle far more appropriate for my lifestyle here on Gabriola—and, the prospect of having a camper that Sheba and I can sleep within on Summer adventures.

Steve and I had a camper. I talked to him yesterday and we really enjoyed recalling our “vanning” trips together. I can hardly wait to go visit Victoria this summer—assuming the virus recedes—and spend a weekend in the car visiting friends and sleeping in it overnight.

In the end, I’m really excited about the future with this car, even though it’s black. Dana’s told me I can put all my favourite music on a memory stick and play it in this new car, and it has, he says, a powerful motor. And … heated seatsand plenty of other doodads.

I’m off with Kevin to the dealership at nine this morning. I hope all goes as planned and that I’m soon back with the new car. What a great way to start what has always been, for me, the Month of Disappointments!

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