Tuesday, December 22, 2020



Look (above) at how our Winter dawned yesterday!

I got up at five am yesterday and it was pouring rain. It was so wet that we cancelled our dog walk. And then, at eight-thirty, it turned briefly to sleet and then to a monster beautiful snowstorm with big burly flakes that immediately started coating everything.

I filled all my bird feeders and put out fresh suet, and then Sheba and I went for a quick walk together along a trail I knew would shelter us somewhat. Then we came home to be warm and cozy—my two favourite Winter words. Sheba and I share a distaste for wet and cold.

I was kept busy all through the storm, knocking the snow off my plastic “garage” roog and my broad-leaved plants. I had to go outside every half-hour or so to keep the roof from splitting or tearing. But thankfully, at around one o’clock, the snow turned to rain and the next few days are expected to be sunny and well above zero, so the snow will go, and my fountain won’t freeze up. What a day! I watched neither of the plays I’d planned to enjoy.  

I’m grateful that I can comfortably endure the endless routine of these short Winter days with neither an agenda nor socializing with friends. It’s startling how much joy I feel from the simplest things: Choosing wood to burn that turns out to be rich in pitch fueling my fire and giving it a popping soundtrack, getting a letter in the mail, the sound of rain on my metal roof as I pull my enormous wool Bay blanket over me for an afternoon nap, and meals.

Today, as foreseen, is dawning with a clear sky. Her Highness and I will enjoy a nice long dry walk and I doubt I’ll be carrying my coat today. And I hope my books arrive from Amazon. I’m a Prime member; things are supposed to arrive in three days but I ordered some books, including my friend’s book Loose Woman, weeks ago and they still  haven’t arrived!

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