Saturday, December 12, 2020

Yay: Risotto Again

I’m looking forward to seeing “Let Them All Talk.” For one thing, Meryl Streep plays a writer who writes about people she knows—a huge issue with the families and friends of some “fiction” writers. But more than that: I adore Candice Bergen and Diane Wiest, so this show is a must for me. However, I won’t see it for a while because it’s initially only available on HBO Max (whatever that is).

Online restaurant reviews skewed dramatically down beginning last March. A media analyst took note and did his research: He found a predominant comment attached to the lowest scores was that clients claimed their food lacked taste. 

It’s eight am. As I type, I am looking out at a dark cold, damp day. Pooey. Autumn has been so warm, but as Winter approaches, it’s getting colder and I hate the cold.

Sheba and I will walk this morning, and then I’m going into the village for the last of the supplies I need to make Prawn risotto again. It’s a challenging dish in that it takes a long time, but I love cooking on a day like today, and the reward is worth the effort. I only had a little when I made it for my birthday dinner, and there was nothing left over for me last time. So now, I binge.

Tonight: Trash TV. The Prom is now streaming on Netflix. I love Andrew Rannells (original lead; Book of Mormon), and there’s Meryl Streep, Tracy Ullman and James Cordon—all terrific entertainers.

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