Sunday, December 6, 2020

Arbutus Super Bloom

Look at that Flicker! I was very lucky to catch a shot of this magnificent bird because I took it horribly quickly through the window in front of my desk, shooting between translucent tapes on the glass that keep birds from crashing into the window. This lucky few seconds tells me I’m going to have lots of fun with this camera and local wildlife.

The recent run of things—the death of the Fiat, functioning without car, buyin the new car and then the dinner party—has me keen on my forthcoming completely empty agenda. Saturday was glorious—slow and easy, sunny and bright.  

I swept the deck and courtyard, cleaned up all the forest detritus on the lawns, chopped wood and tidied the shed. I’m a proud and happy (old) boy.

Then we went for a lovely walk in Drumbeg Park, coming home via Eoin and François’ place to drop off some things they left here Friday night, and to leave a container Di gave me at her place. When I got home, it was time for a spa before dinner and watching 42nd Street on YouTube.

Today is fabulous too! We walked early because rain was predicted, but it’s been lovely and bright all day (so far). At ten, I was part of a Zoom call with other stutterers from the area and it was great. We’ll go for another walk (I’ve just re-bandaged Sheba’s foot) and the rest of the day will play out as did yesterday, but instead of 42nd Street, I’ll be watchingMosquitoes, featuring Olivia Coleman, on National Theatre at Home.

As for those flocks of thousands of small birds that swept through here last week, I found out that it happens often but not every year. Apparently, it’s every three or four years. And I may know the reason: Check out the photos below.

This is a shot of a distant Arbutus tree. They are enjoying a super bloom this year
and I reckon that may be a reason for the arrival of swarms of small birds this Fall.

Here's a close up of one cluster of Arbutus berries.

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