Monday, December 14, 2020

Giving Voice

My friend Beth suggested I watch “Giving Voice,” a documentary on Netflix about a dramatic monologue competition in the U.S., so I watched it last night and man-oh-man did I love it. I actually burst into whoops, tears and applause at its dramatic conclusion and I leapt to my feet sending Fred flying from the couch. This is my kind of movie! Thanks Beth!

On a day that began with torrential rain, I was relieved in the extreme when it stopped, allowing me to get outside with Her Highness for a walk. And, as seems to always happen, once I am appropriately dressed and into the forest, I am chuffed to live in such a spectacular environment where all I is see is God-made. I’m a true nemophilist (see below)!

Still, I was glad to open my door—a door that has never once been locked in the three years I’ve lived here—and feel the delicious warmth of the fire when I got home.

Perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps quitting Marijuana, but I’m gearing up for some more binge reading. I’m going to read my friend Beth’s book and then Shantaram (one thousand fabulous pages).

It seems that not only was my decision to move here prescient in terms of living during a pandemic, it was also a wise economic decision. According to recent reports in the news listings, “vacation” property values in B.C. have dramatically increased during 2020. 

People are re-evaluating their priorities and lifestyles as a result of the pandemic; that, plus their new-found ability to work from home, has them seeking life outside large cities.

Besides films, I’m also watching a wonderful television series called Craft in America. I am passionate about craft and this show focuses on several absolutely remarkable people in each episode. Sadly, there’s only two episodes per year, but that speaks to the excellence of the productions. It’s truly epic what the artists presented achieve. Oh my God!

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