Monday, December 21, 2020

Welcome to Winter

Welcome to the Winter that will see hundreds of thousands of people worldwide get a virus as a surprise delayed Christmas gift. I’m sadly confident that selfish idiots will gather for Christmas and New Year’s ensuring that mid-January will see dreadful spikes in infection and hospitalization rates. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, not!

I’m a solitary hottie!

I passed four people on our walk yesterday morning who were dressed for Winter. They were all in Winter coats and wearing toques and gloves. It was six degrees. I, on the other hand, wore no hat, no gloves and I was carrying my coat, as I have for the past three days. Not only that, I sleep in a cool house, under a duvet, and I wear a t-shirt at night. For the past few mornings, I awake with a damp t-shirt and have to change. I seem to be an engine of heat. 

Yesterday afternoon, I had a truly wonderful Zoom call with eleven friends, all of us long-time colleagues who worked in the theatre. It was really wonderful. Two of us, Steve and Suzy, once lived on Denman Island, close to the island I live on, and they moved back to the city after five years. They didn’t like island life.

They told us they’d sold their place to another couple fleeing Vancouver, and that couple lasted only two years. Neither couple liked the isolation of island life. It made me realize how lucky, and perhaps unique, I am to be so content with the solitary life I lead.

It’s raining again. The morning dog walk with my friends will be very soggy, but the return to Pinecone Park will be welcome as I’ll build up the fire before I leave and come back to a warm and cozy home.

Today is a theatre day: York Theatre Royal’s production of Railway Children is streaming today and so is National Theatre’s panto, Dick Wittington. Both are holiday children’s fare, but its theatre and I’m going to give each a try and hope I like them!

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