Monday, December 28, 2020

Just Dullness

Sunday was trying. I have no idea why. I could not get any words or sounds out. Did I worry or care? Not at all. This shall pass. 

This morning, I’m speaking well, as I seem to be able to do most mornings. But as the day ages, my speech fades. I’m not sure why, but as I say, I don’t care and I believe that come better weather and as the holidays fade further into the past, I expect to be more fluent even in the afternoons.

Today, and likely every day this week, will be spent dog walking and reading. 

Apparently we get mail delivery today, so the books I ordered in early December may arrive this week. I’m doing really well with being settled and sticking to reading. Shantaram was so, so easy to stick with because I spent a lot of time in Mumbai and was familiar with a great many of the settings—particularly Leopold’s in Colaba where I spent hours and hours with friends.

Now I’m reading Behind the Scenes at the Museum. It, too, is easy to stay with. It’s quirky, quite humorous and rich with character. 

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