Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Nice Day

I hope I never forget yesterday!

First of all, we had glorious weather—if a bit chilly. I wrapped and sealed Sheba’s foot in the morning, and departed to meet Regina, Di and Judith to walk our dogs; I was ready to call it quits early, if need be, but she did fine the whole way. And at the end of the walk, my pals surprised me with muffins and a birthday serenade. Then it was home to cook.

loved making the risotto. It took an hour and a half just to make the stock. I fried the shells, tails and a head, added lots of wine, thyme, onions, carrot and celery, a lot of garlic and peppercorns, and then I reduced it down to a strained six cups. Then I began the long slow process of making the risotto.

It was truly uplifting to derive all the spices I wanted from my own garden. With François making the dessert and Jay bringing the canapés, I had an easy time of it, getting ready. 

I think last night’s meal might have been one of the best I have ever made. I’ve always tried to impress with terribly complicated and challenging dishes, but last night’s dinner was comparatively simple and absolutely delicious. And so was dessert! Jay, it turns out, knew it was my birthday. I didn’t tell him; his sister did, and he told Eoin and Jay.

Everything was gone at the end of the night. Nothing says success like people having seconds and thirds of both the risotto and the Brussel Sprout dish. Everyone left at ten and I did all the dishes before going to bed. It was a delight to stay up late like a normal person. I’ll definitely make those dishes again.

Through the day and evening, friends called to say Hello. It was nice. 

And now a day of relaxation, lovely walks and rest. It’s another gorgeous day, and so I will take Sheba to Drumbeg for a walk—very happy that my birthday is over. I don’t care about being old, but for some reason I hate the attention birthdays bring. 

Tonight: Mosquitos on National Theatre at Home. Hooray!

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