Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Yerma is Incredible!

Monday was lovely. The rain made Sheba content to be indoors, and that was great for the healing of her foot. We had a nice fire to keep our bodies and souls warm and cozy.

Making Kevin’s cake was a joy, as was making the Mulligatawny soup. My home smelled marvellous all afternoon—first the sweet smell of baking and spiced Apples, and then the seductive scent of chicken and curry. Yum!

Once I was done, I settled in to watch the final two episodes of the season of the Great British Baking Show whilst enjoying my fresh-made soup.

Everything is perfect right now! My pets are still young and healthy, all the machinery I depend on is working, my health is good, and I couldn’t be living in better conditions to ride out the pandemic. And … I love the new car and all the opportunities it’s going to afford me come Summer.

At five, I took both some soup and the cake over to Kevin. And then, last night, I watched Yerma from National Theatre at Home. Here’s what Ben Brantly said about this production in the New York Times:

“But as appealing and vivid as Ms. Piper [Billie Piper, the lead] has reliably been in such fare—in West End stage productions like Great Britain and The Effect—nothing she did previously prepares you for this blistering portrait, which copped every acting award on offer in London. This is one of those performances that leave you bruised, breathless and grateful for an experience you wouldn’t have missed for the world.”

I’m back to life without Marijuana again. I started vaping with it again when I began my dieting last June, but now that the diet is over, it’s time to go without it again.

For the second day in a row, it’s amazingly warm. Yes, more rain, but who cares when it’s so warm? I’ve been walking and doing stuff outside without any need for a coat! It’s been above ten degrees in the afternoons, which is pretty great for November. 

Today’s been slow and quiet. 

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