Sunday, December 13, 2020

Risotto: ♥️♥️

By the time I got home from the market yesterday, the sun was shining—and then, again, it wasn’t. Darkness descended as I loaded my Prawn shells, tails and heads into a pot to begin making the stock I needed for risotto.

When I finished making it—I’ve told you, it takes a long time—I took Sheba to the park for her second walk so that I could come home, eat my magic concoction and then chill for the late afternoon and evening. 

My God, Prawn risotto is delicious. 

In the evening I watched The Prom. It was fun, but Ryan Murphy, the director, is just a bit too twee for my taste. The lead actor, however, was a treat to watch and hear and the veterans were all loads of fun to watch as they mugged their way through the show.

Today has dawned torrentially. Even Sheba doesn’t want to go outside. It’s going to be a very slow day at Pinecone Park. We’ll wait and hope for a break in the rain to go for our walks.

But… I’ve risen very happy because I’m not having (mild) nightmares. Night torments have been a fact of my entire life. That’s why I liked Marijuana before bed: It would allow me to sleep and wake with no recollection of dreaming. But so far, so good!

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