Thursday, December 17, 2020

Four Weight Formulae

Coming soon to Masterpiece Theatre! Yay!

Last night was a classic dark and stormy night. I loved it, all warm and cozy and watching a pretty great mini-series on Netflix called The English Game. It’s a historical drama about the origins of football written by Julian Fellows and starring the same terribly handsome Scottish lad who was featured in the movie Edie that I loved so much. It’s kind of an upstairs/downstairs of sports; although not a fan of sports, I quite loved it. And I love storms at night and falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.

My ex is violating Covid visiting restrictions, hosting people from other households, even as he recovers from an attack of Shingles. Sadly, I expected as much, which is not to shame him, rather it is, for me, insight into the challenge the lockdown is for people who are incredibly social. Steve has no subscriptions or television. Instead, he has the busiest social calendar imaginable, and always has. When I first met him, I considered him a distraction freak. Nothing has changed, not his behavior nor my affection for him.

I baked a pie and I’m eating the whole thing myself. The pie follows a batch of cookies I ate over a week, too. And I’m eating more and loving that, but I’m still losing weight. It’s startling me because I lead a pretty sedentary life in Winter. So, I went to the British government weight calculator—it was the best I could find in that it included age and “frame size” as a factor of the formula. 

The site provided detailed answers once I plugged in all my specs. It told me my recommended weight according to five formulas: The Hamwi Formula (1964), the Devine Formula (1974) and the Robinson Formula and Miller formulas (1983). The results varied between 157 and 165 pounds. I’m currently at 163 (forty-nine pounds down from 212.5), and that comfortably fits in the appropriate range. 

Some good weather—cold but dry and sunny—is coming next week. I’m getting off this island. I’m going to go shopping for pet supplies and some frozen foods in the big box stores and I’m going to see how things go on the highway in my new car. Whoopee!

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