Sunday, December 27, 2020

DNA Incoming

On Saturday, Sheba and I went for a nice long morning forest walk because it felt so mild, and then we went to the south end of the island to do some errands for my friend, Patsy, after which we had a lovely visit.

Once back home, Sheba and I frittered the rest of our unremarkable day away. Our afternoon walk was pleasant because we ran into Anna and Minjou and both Sheba and I adore little Minjou and we hadn’t been together for quite a while.

In the evening, I finished watching Bridgerton. I didn’t find the series brilliant, but the sets—oh my God, I loved the sets and costumes.

Today will be the same: Walk, read, eat; repeat and to bed. Every day is just almost the same and virtually every day, the weather is dull—not always wet, and not cold, but uninspiring. But, I’m mailing in the Ancestry DNA kit that my friend Leslie gave me today. I’m super excited to hear what it reveals in that I know absolutely nothing about my father. My irritating (but fascinating) mother, wouldn’t ever tell me who he was and died with the secret. 

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