Friday, December 18, 2020

What's With the Radio Volume?

What a surprise it was that yesterday was a gloriously sunny day. It was unexpected, coming on the heels of such a dramatic rainstorm. My morning walk with Sheba was wondrous; I needed no coat because it was so warm. The spectacular beauty of the day made me decide not to go to Nanaimo next week and instead stay here to enjoy more agenda-less sunny days like yesterday.

I did ironing, read the manual for my new car, chopped some wood, napped and made one of my favourite vegetable dishes (lightly fried Brussel Sprout leaves with Pistachios and Lemon juice), went for a lovely second walk with Her Highness and spent the latter part of the day and evening on the couch.

I accidently trashed the In box of my Mail program and lost all its emails. Thankfully, eventually, I managed to rebuild it—I think. It looks complete, but some may have escaped.

And now it’s Friday. A week today, it ends. Hurray! More importantly, I have myself a small party for one pus dog at five-thirty Monday morning to welcome the solstice.

I’m beginning to feel like a mouse in a maze. My days are so routine; my space is so incredibly familiar. I imagine the feeling would be worse were I still living in my tiny condo back in Vancouver. It’s a feeling I only get on rainy mornings like this morning. When it’s sunny, I feel the entire island it my playground.

In three more sleeps, the days start lengthening and come Tuesday, we’re supposed to get a stretch of sunny (but likely cold) weather.

Bad news of the day: My car alarm going off and me being unable to stop it for far too long as I searched through the manual for answers. Worse: no matter how many times I turned the windshield wiper toggle, the radio would not increase in volume. And my teachers thought I was bright!

I applied for the BC Covid Relief subsidy. Five hundred free dollars! But it wasn’t easy, the website kept crashing because, I reckon, everyone alive in the province was applying today. Applications opened today.

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