Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Surprise Visit

The sunshine yesterday was spectacular, but the day was certainly chilly. Unfortunately for my hands that were cold as ice the whole time I was outdoors, I had yard duties to attend to. I emptied the freezing cold water from the fountain so that it wouldn’t be split by ice, planted some Garlic in cold, cold soil and tried to dig up one of my Paperback Maples to transplant it. 

I failed with the transplanting. It’s just too established and I haven’t the strength or the proper tools with which to move it. I may have to let them live like runts or get a power digger in to move them. They were the first trees I planted here, and I put them in without sufficient knowledge of the amount of sunlight the area gets where I put them. 

It felt so, so good to come back indoors for breaks and once all my work was done. I love being as lazy in Winter as I am active in Summer. But I’m thrilled the Garlic is in. I should have planted it months ago, but I just found half my haul from hidden away in the shed where I stashed them last year. I’d forgotten about them.

Late in the afternoon, Kevin and Shelly came by with some gifts for me. I invited them i and they were here for a couple of hours. We just kept talking and laughing and Kev spent a lot of quality time with Sheba. They just lost their dog, so it was moving to see Kev on the floor with Her Highness. It was really a fun and impromptu get together. We’re becoming fast friends and I’m thrilled about it.

Just a few more days and this Christmas stuff will be over. And a week after that, dreadful 2020 will be done and come January 20th, President Blowhole will be history. It’s the first time I can ever recall looking forward to February (which has always been the month of Winter exhaustion for me).

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