Monday, December 7, 2020

Love My Camera!

Above: My beloved is not looking at the camera and I am only there in shadow. When we walk, she’s in her own world; that’s why I’m glad she’s not looking up. At home, she’s in my world and I’m her constant focus. But we are never apart, like a being and its shadow. That’s why I love this photo!

Sunday, Paulo Pietropaolo, was playing music composed by Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, a Baroque composer and nun—in fact the abbess of her abbey. It was exquisite music and ideal for a Sunday afternoon. After our invigorating afternoon walk on a trail I like for its exposure to afternoon sun, I came home to watch Mosquitoes from National Theatre at Home.

Mosquitoes was arresting—not perfect, but spellbinding and rich, rich, rich with ideas. Absolutely nothing (except animals) evokes such emotion in me as does the moments when the lights dim, and I know I’m going to watch a great production. I positively shiver with anticipation.  Got another profound emotional rush of euphoria during the curtain call.

During my afternoon walk yesterday, I took some photos:

This is the wreath Jay made and gave me for my 
birthday. I've hung it on my fence.

I cannot get enough of our Arbutus trees. They
make out forest look tropical.

The Salal looks brilliant in the cold season.

The dying Ferns add a beautiful dark nutty 
colour to the landscape.

Arbutus again.

It’s lovely and warm but raining today—and it’s foggy, making it very, very cozy in the house. The fire is high, and Sheba’s foot is recovering nicely.  

I’m making Kevin (and Shelly) a cake to thank him for all his help with my car and taking it over to his house late this afternoon. Tonight, I binge on the Great British Baking Show and maybe another offering on National Theatre at Home.

I adore GBBS. I never tire of it. I can’t believe I’m so hooked on a reality television show, but I am. I fall in love with all the contestants. It’s these wonderful real everyday people who make the show, not the hosts or judges.

I’m also going to make a nice big batch of Mulligatawny soup.

I had this book, with a blue cover.

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