Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Slow Day & Camera Woes

Wait for it ....

I got some fabulous insoles. My life is so dull, this is news.

The lakes and rivers are back on the trails; gumboots are often in order, and they are cold, so my new insoles are a blessing. I got some for my ‘Dad shoes,’ too; they’re hideous old loafers, but they’re comfortable and super easy to slip on and off when I go for wood. They, too, are now nice and warm and cozy when I wear them.

Ours was a lovely walk yesterday, because the sky was so bright. I take the lead so that I’m downwind of no one. Then I went into the village to fetch my parcel at the post office, and it was my new camera! I could hardly wait to use it.

Well … the chip it needs on which to store images doesn’t come with the camera, so I ordered one with the camera but, of course it hasn’t arrived yet. Thankfully, I found one in my old camera. (Nice recovery, eh?) Then I began following the instructions on how to download my images from the camera to my computer via wifi and it wouldn’t work.

After a chat online with Canon helpers, I discovered the camera is not compatible with my operating system. Solution: Another purchase—a cable. And more waiting to be fully operational. But I can take photos and learn how to use the manual settings whilst I wait. Woo hoo … I’m underway.

On the dog walk, I told Regina about the “thousand” birds that I wrote about in the previous post, and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She agreed completely that the flocks are in excess of a thousand birds and we talked about the phenomenon for quite a while. She wonders if they are migrating. If they are, it’s awfully late in the Fall.

It happened twice yesterday. I’m hoping for a repeat show today.

I ordered a monster roof-rake from Amazon. Kevin told me I have to deal with the detritus on my roof because it corrodes the metal, so soon I’ll be back on the ladder and cleaning the roofs of Pinecone Park. But with a proper tool and I’ll wait for a bright sunny day.

Finally, the glue from my last session in the studio is dry and I can spend another day working on the curtains today or soon. It may be the final day of preparation; it’ll be followed by a week-to-ten-days of drying before I can assemble and hang the curtain. 

I doubt I’ll hang it outside yet. I’ll wait until I get the fountain going again in Springtime. I’m pretty certain that the pigment in the tape will fade over time; I just have no idea how quickly. At least the ribbons will get minimal direct sunlight.

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