Tuesday, November 24, 2020


The dog walk yesterday morning was great, although technically we were breaking the law by walking together under current pandemic restrictions. However, official word was spread: Both the pharmacist and clinic have confirmed that they know of no case of Covid-19 so far on Gabriola. But it’s now in Nanaimo, and that’s close; a lot of Gabriolans shop in Nanaimo.

I didn’t work in the studio yesterday. I read some New Yorkers instead, had a spa, walked Her Highness and had a nap and before I knew it, it was suppertime. The evening was blissfully spent watching The Big House Reborn, a six-part ‘behind the scenes’ documentary following the three year, multi-million-dollar restoration by the National Trust of Mount Stewart on the shores of Strangford Lough, in Northern Ireland. It was fabulous. I watched it on Kanopy.

This morning began with a thorough cleaning of the dining room because Sheba had a nasty accident there last night. Sigh. 

Today I have absolutely no plans for today except to do some grocery shopping. I’ll walk a couple of times with Sheba and see what the day brings. I’m likely to discover much more on Kanopy—a movie site I use more than Netflix, and it’s free. You just need a library membership to sign up.

It’s dark and wet again, of course, but it’s almost ten degrees, so it’s wonderfully warm for the end of November. At some point, I have to read the official text of the new pandemic restrictions. My dinner party of three might be illegal; it’s three people, but just two households. Two of my guests are a couple, so my plan could be ethical.

My generator comes back this morning, and I have new guidelines to follow to maintain it, thanks to the fabulous Doug Robertson.

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