Wednesday, November 18, 2020

More from the Dullard

Doug is a find! He took the generator away to do repair he couldn’t do here; he’s confident he’ll get it going and I’ll get it back in a couple of days. I’ve had issues with it forever and he volunteered that he thought the #@/<>#@* might have been working poorly since I bought it. He’s a great guy. I’m so glad I met him. I value having a generator and really value knowing a man who can repair it.

It darkened again as Doug departed at eleven, and the wind dramatically picked up. I worried about another outage, but we got through the day. I did some errands and then settled in to finish The Crown.

This morning, Sheba and I walk with our group in pouring rain. Pooey. I haven’t left yet, and still, I can hardly wait to get home and back to the fire. I’ll fritter the day away doing errands and working on the curtain in the studio.  

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