Monday, November 2, 2020

One Seventy!

I lit the fire in the studio nice and early yesterday, so that when I got home from my morning walk with Her Highness, it was warm enough to get to work comfortably. 

I started with glazing the windows with opaque plastic. I’ve decided not to hang curtains in front of the windows—I only want the curtains on the door. The plastic on the windows will stay and no more wee birds will die. 

Then I mixed working on the curtain with more time spent organizing all my supplies. It was a really nice day, and I’m ready to do more gluing to finish the first thirty-nine inches of the curtain. One the glue dries on those pieces, I have to start over with a twenty-five-inch section to complete the sixty-four-inch width of the double doors.

The late afternoon had us taking a lovely long forest walk on a trail that has lots of open sky. It was beautiful in the sunshine. I had a spa before dinner and then went to bed at eight. I was totally exhausted.

This morning, I weighted one-seventy. Forty-two pounds are gone! And today is the last day of my twentieth week of my “diet,” to the day! (I thought it would take a year when I began).

This morning, I walked with Matthew, Di, Eric and Judith. It was a cold morning (zero degrees), so I was happy to come home to a warm house in which to chill.

Today, I do nothing. I plan to relax and just enjoy the heat of the fire and the sunlight streaming through my (clean) windows, until it’s time to take the car to have a door handle repaired. I’ll do some shopping on the way home, then spa and chill. 

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