Saturday, November 14, 2020


I got my car back yesterday morning whilst Niki slept in. We had a lovely morning visit over breakfast and then, as we were packing her stuff into the car to go to Silva Bay to catch her flight, the airline called to say that all flights had been cancelled due to strong winds. Instead, she is booked on a flight back to Vancouver at nine this morning.

I had a nap in the afternoon and Niki went for a forest walk, then we snacked out dinner whilst watching TV and talking. It was a nice slow cozy evening—and, we had Guanciale! Yum, yum, yum!

Rain is predicted for the entire coming week, including today, but the day has dawned clear and bright and cold. And, unfortunately, dawn coincided with a seizure that was high on my Richter scale and lasted a long time. 

The seizures flummox and infuriate me. Stuttering or C-PTSD related, I don’t know or care. I just hate them, and I hate having a bad one in front of a friend. But what can I do? All I can do, is carry on. I’ll spend today puttering around the house and taking it easy; seizures are exhausting.

From the As If the Corona Virus Weren’t Enough Department:

1.     The nest of monster Killer Hornets that Washington State Agriculture employees found and destroyed in Blaine, Washington, right beside the Canadian border had two hundred Queen Bees in it! If I remember my biology correctly, Hornets and Wasps usually only raise a single Queen that then leaves with half the over-crowded hive. But two hundred! Yikes!

2.     Seismologists have recorded more than 3,500 'tiny tremors' on Vancouver Island in nine days, and they have all been at the southern end of the island.

3.     Both these news items are about things very close to home.

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