Friday, November 6, 2020

Conference: Day One

I’m still functionally mute away from home. On Gabriola I can get words out with store clerks and I’m close to fluent with those whom I see often, but on the big island speech is very difficult. I don’t care at all; I’ve comfortably adapted. But going to Nanaimo yesterday reminded me of how crappy my speech is, how tolerant people are and how good I am at my own form of sign language.

I’m glad I was reminded of my limitations yesterday, because tonight the national conference of the Canadian Stuttering Association begins. And I’m Zooming in. I’m attending some “open mic” sessions and some highly interesting presentations such as: Neurophysiological Markers of Developmental Stuttering: Updated Insights; Reviewing the Treatments of Today and Tomorrow.

Of principal interest, however, are the open mic sessions. I’ve never spoken with another stutterer, so I’m kind of thrilled to be likely to ‘meet’ several in the course of the conference in these participatory sessions. The conference is tonight and all weekend.

It got cold last night. I lit a huge fire in the evening and went to bed early. This morning, I was up and outside just before five am. The moonlight made walking outside kind of magical, but it’s still chilly. 

I’m fetching a shelf unit from the post office after the dog walk, this morning. I’ll assemble it in the studio where it will host a lot of my supplies that are currently on the floor. And I’ll finish gluing the first half of the curtain I’m making. It’ll take a week-to-ten days to dry.

Today will be a good day because it looks like Trump will lose, and it’s wonderfully sunny! Then tonight, the conference!

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