Thursday, November 19, 2020


Dark, wet and dull. That was Wednesday. The dog walk was undertaken in gumboots, rubber pants and my impermeable parka; it was truly a walk in the rainforest. I hated the thought of it through the early morning, but once I was out there, it felt good and I felt good very happy about Sheba’s positive influence on my life! She had her waterproof coat on too.

Man-oh-man it was wet, and umbrellas are ludicrous in the forest. I purposefully got an overly large coat so that the sleeves descend below my hands and I tuck my hands up inside my hoodie sleeves as I walk. I’ve got the wet walk wear down! The bonus: It was not at all cold. And everyone turned up!

I enjoyed the rain. My self-indulgence afterwards in the glow and warmth of my home is guilt free. And I managed to get out during a break in the constant drizzle with Her Highness. It was a fine day.

Today dawned early because the sky is clear and bright. First thing, I go to the local clinic at eight for blood tests. I’ll come home to clear some forest fall from the yard and later I’ll take my car in to have its annual tune up. Then everything will be done. All the recent failures will be fixed; all that remains now is for Doug to bring back the repaired generator.

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