Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Thousand Birds!

James Corden made fun of B.C. Ferries Corporation for its use of the image above on public notices announcing masks are compulsory. After showing his audience the image, when they laughed, he said: “Sorry, I can’t hear. I’ve got a penis in my ear.”

Migraine Hell! That was Tuesday morning. But I got through Doug’s visit (returning the generator) and went into the village to pick up my prescription. It rained most of the day; it was a good day to be indoors and to loaf.

Sheba was sick—and, worse, scared. I suspect she had a run-in with a Buck because something outside terrified her early yesterday morning. She shrieked, started barking and then ran into the house unable to stop barking and whining and curling her body up as though she’d been bad, and she wouldn’t leave my side. 

I sat on the sofa and she sat very close, leaning into me. She was really freaked by something, showing behavior I’d never seen before. I wrapped my arms around her and spoke comfortingly to her and eventually she lay down her head. It took a long, long time. Then she slept and I didn’t move.

In the afternoon, perhaps a thousand birds streamed out of the forest and through and over my yard. Hundreds landed to pick at things in the cracks of my courtyard, to feed at the feeders and to pick and peck through my gardens. It was really remarkable. All Summer I had flocks of perhaps thirty birds visit but nothing like today. And by afternoon, Sheba was her old self, but wary of the front yard.

It was a slow, gentle quiet day for all of us at Pinecone Park. It was fine though, particularly through the afternoon and evening. The fire was great company and at three-thirty, the sky brightened, heightening my spirits and allowing me to have a lovely afternoon spa that soothed my aching hip.

Today, we walk with our group. Then I go to the post office because I reckon my camera is here, so I’ll read the manual today and try using it. That’ll be my excitement for the day—that, plus the fact it’s not raining, and the sky has patches of blue (and some nasty looking dark clouds, too). 

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