Friday, November 13, 2020

Great Fun Dinner; Niki Departs

I finished preparing for dinner exactly at five. I was pooped and needed rest. I’d been busy since four am—particularly with the car. My guests were due at six, so I had a good chance to slow down and relax before Niki came back from Patsy’s and Paula arrived from her place. 

I made a Garlic tart with Garlic I grew last season. I was chuffed by that. It also had lots of spinach and sharp white cheddar in the egg and cream custard. (It was really good and I have lots left over.) To go with it: Parmesan Potato Stacks (overdone; I made them too thin) and local-grown Brocoli from a nearby farm. I’d made a Peach/Almond tart for dessert.

The food was liked, and the setting was warm and cozy on a cool wet night. I lot lots of candles and a couple of lanterns. The fire was lit, Niki had brought delicious Oyama Sausage snacks to go with our drinks before eating. We laughed and told stories all night. 

It’s so easy to stay awake when I have company. Wednesday night I stayed up ‘till eleven-thirty, and still got up at four. Last night was late (for me) too. What fun!

Niki leaves today and I’ll get the car back, but I hope to spend as much of the day as I can relaxing after all the recent hubbub of the conference and Niki’s visit. 

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