Thursday, November 12, 2020

Remembrance Day

Wednesday, Remembrance Day, was dark and wet. Still, once I donned all the right clothes, it felt lovely to be out in the forest with my hardy friends and our wee pack of dogs. The scents were spectacular.

When I got home, I lit the fire in the studio and got a very modest beginning underway of the second (narrower) curtain. The heat helps the glue to dry on the curtains. The alternate glue I got didn’t work. It melted the ribbon. So, I’m back to good old LePage’s white glue.

It was a grim day outside, but inside was nice and cozy for Nicola’s arrival. Sheba and I both went to fetch her early in the afternoon. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining. It was great to see her; she was clearly excited to be here and out of her home where she pretty much says to be prudent.

We came here, after going into the village for air. I have a leak in one tire and the garage was closed yesterday, so I kept going into the village to fill up the tire. I’ll take the car to the garage this morning.

Nicola went to Patsy’s for the afternoon and came home around six. We went for dinner together at The Surf and got air for the tire on the way there and on the way home. I went to bed hoping I’d be able to drive it to the service station this morning.

Well … I was wide awake at four, in spite of staying up late with Niki, planning to go to the co-op for air at six, but it doesn’t open until seven and the tire is pretty flat. Still, I am going to try to drive with it and hope desperately for success.

I’ll be right back.

I did it. No tow truck is necessary. When Niki gets up, she’ll follow me to the garage with Patsy’s car and we can leave my car with the mechanics for the day. The problem is over, and I can spend the day focusing on preparing for dinner with Paula and Niki.

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