Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bang! The Long Walk Home

Friday began with a lovely forest dog walk with my group. Then, when Sheba and I started on our way home, the engine went “bonk,” warning lights came on and then the car died. It would not re-start. I pushed it onto the side of the road and headed home.

We were well south of home on the main road, North Road, and Her Highness absolutely hates walking beside the road. Traffic frightens her. So, we walked further south to a road that leads to a trail I knew that would take us North to Coates Road.  

From there, I followed a trail going north that I didn’t know. It only took me a short way and ended back on North Road. However, across North Road was another trail, and so we took it and I was able to find my way, entirely on trails, all the way back to the end of my street—four houses from home. All last Summer’s trail exploring really paid off for me yesterday!

It took me an hour and a half to walk home. I had all that time to figure out what to do. When I got home, Sheba went directly to bed, and I called the tow truck and arranged to have Tom pick up the car and take it to Gabriola Automotive. Then I called Deb and told her the car was coming.

Finally, I called my neighbour, Kevin. He drove me back to the car so that I could put the key behind the gas cap and get my soft drinks from the trunk. Then he brought me home. (I wanted the Diet Coke because the one time I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks, I wound up in hospital with arrythmia in the artery feeding my heart—Prinzmetal Angina.)

Now I wait to hear what’s wrong with the car. I expect bad—expensive—news. I reckon I won’t have the car until the middle of next week.

I’d put a laundry load into the washer before I left for the walk, so I hung it up once Kevin departed, and then I fed the pets. They were all hungry. And then it was my turn; by the time I sat down to eat, it was one o’clock. Lunch took seconds to eat.  

I’d planned on working in the studio, but that was out. I wanted to chill in the warmth of the house, so I stoked up the fire and puttered the day away.

Meanwhile, in L.A., Steve wakes up Monday to life under a health order banning inter-household mingling of any kind. Steve is the most social person I know, but he lives alone and is with people every single night of the week. It’s going to be interesting to see how he copes.

Today has dawned brilliantly clear and it’s not cold! I will try to get one of my Maples dug up today and transferred to its new home. I’ll also chop wood with the splitting axe that Kevin left me. Tomorrow is predicted to be wet again, but come Sunday, we’re expecting a week of sunshine to begin.

Chinese Chrysanthemum

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