Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dump Trump Day

I spent Monday in a very relaxed state. Not long before three, I left to go to the automotive shop to have the passenger door handle repaired. Sheba and I walked on the beach whilst the work was being done and then, on the way home, I stopped for some groceries and a dowel for the curtain I’m making.

At Twin Beaches, the sand is as fine and clean as you might dream of. Walking on it during a quite high tide in the low Winter sunshine, late in the afternoon, was an absolute delight. I felt very privileged to live here.

Then it was home for a spa and more relaxation before bed. It was a nothing of a day, but it was a lovely day at the same time.

I awoke in the night to hear the familiar sound of rainfall, and sure enough, when I arose (yet again at four am), it was dark and wet outside. When Sheba scratched on the door to go out, I let her out only to see her turn around and come right back inside. She hates the rain.

We’ll have a slow day at Pinecone Park, then watch the US election results.

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