Monday, November 16, 2020

Vaccines: Hurray, Science!

What a plethora of viewing choices there is right now on television: Maigret, Maggie Cole, The Great British Baking Show, The Crown, Injustice, and Roadkill. They were all on last night and I watched one. I go to bed so early that I have to tape them all.

It’s really nice and warm (for late Fall), so it’s still nice to be out walking when it is not raining. I walked for an hour and a half yesterday morning and it was spectacular, largely due to the incredible fragrances of the forest.

This morning’s task, post dog walk, was calling the machinist on the island and asking him to come and see if my generator can be fixed. He was warm and friendly on the phone and I appreciated his friendliness very much. He’s coming by tomorrow.

Other than that, very little is on my plate today. I did my shopping and now it’s raining, so Her Highness and I will watch The Crown. I’m feeling far more optimistic about an eventual end to this pandemic with so much good news about vaccines.

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