Tuesday, November 17, 2020

When Rainy Days Are Good

I must remember how fabulous rainy days can be. Luckily, the rain held back yesterday morning so that our dog walking was dry. The rest of the day, however, was dark and wet. It poured all day and night.

I loved having to go outside periodically for wood for the fire. I was reminded, each time, of how foul was the weather, but I loved the heavenly smell of the woodsmoke coming from my chimney and I felt great about my life. Then, best of all, was the return to the warmth and coziness of the house and fire. I lit incense, sat and petted the cats lounging by the fire, lit candles and felt absolutely wonderful.

By three, I needed to switch on the lights, it was so dark outside. I settled onto a favourite couch and while the storm occasionally demanded my attention through the window, I loved watching more of The Crown and The Trouble with Maggie Cole

Today began with an eight am dentist appointment. Now Doug is here trying—so far unsuccessfully—to get the generator going. At least its repair is underway and being undertaken by a thoroughly knowledgeable and friendly man.

It’s now just past ten-thirty and there are actually shadows. The sky is cloudy but bright and it feels very, very good, as does having a professional fix my generator. Next: The car. It gets fixed (again) on Thursday.

Judith was upset on our walk yesterday. She came upon a neighbour and a friend walking together and discovered in conversation with them that they both consider the Covid virus to be a hoax. She was in despair.

And I thought: Why not believe lies? The president of the United States lies repeatedly, and every day. He, more than anyone, is responsible for furthering today’s culture of selective beliefs. Seventy-two million people voted for him. I reckon there’s no going back to an ethical world.

And then there’s this: Judith’s friends are devout Charismatic Christians; they believe in miracles and once you start believing in the unproven….

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