Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Pain in the Neck

Yesterday neck and back pain with a vengeance. It ruined the whole day yesterday so I spent most of the afternoon lying down. I could not do dress work. This morning, thank God, the pain is better because it’s three more weeks until my first physio appointment with the new physiotherapist.
Several months ago I got a “the doctor wants to talk to you about your test results” phone call and it was about heart arrhythmia. I was sent to a cardiologist who said there was no cause for concern “yet.” Case closed.
A few weeks later, another similar call: This time two physicians told me they were concerned I had Parkinson’s disease. I don’t. But in two weeks I have to go and waste a neurologist’s time the same way I wasted the time of the cardiologist.
Yesterday I got the third such call this year. I’m not concerned. I find out this afternoon what’s up. I’ve been eating a lot of sweets because I feel sorry for myself due to the severity of my symptoms so I’m betting I’m going to be talking about blood sugar. (I sure hope my HIV viral load is not going up.)
Before I go to see my doc, though, I am going to meet my friend Bruce’s sister Jane as she passes through town today on her way to Bruce in Ravenna. I have cards and notes from his friends (and me) for her to take to him. I’m positively thrilled he’s going to hear from us all and have Jane there soon.

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