Friday, May 12, 2017

A Second Pitch

I met Bruce’s sister Jane early Thursday afternoon and handed her a nice thick package of love to take to Bruce. Bruce got it today and that just thrills me. Our friend, Giuliano, wrote today to say that Bruce’s “condition has not improved and I am very sad.” My emotions go up and down with each bit of news; my poor buddy. I can hardly wait to see him.
Fishboy came on Thursday too, and we changed the water as we always do. We’ve been doing all we do every two weeks together for a few years. But this morning (Friday) there was a die off. Sharkey, my biggest fish (and one of my oldest) died and so did all my large shrimp and a few guppies.
Fishboy says it could be due to all the construction in the area adding mineral sediment into the water so I added carbon and am hoping for the best.
I’ve been suffering some disappointment with my defiant dress. It warped, unfortunately, when I applied paper mulch to the armature. (I’m an amateur with this process, learning as I go.) I may have to throw out all my work to date on it and start again but I’m okay with that. But first I’m going to try soaking it so that I can re-shape it.  I read this today: “Failure is success in progress.”
I got the invitation to submit my script to the Arts Club for consideration for their script development program. This is my second pitch to a producer. I was terribly excited and made the best one I could. Now I wait again just like I did with Boca.
It’s now Friday night. The sun is out and it’s making me feel content. Tomorrow I should hear more about Bruce and I will start trying to carve the words I want into the defiant dress skirt.

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