Friday, May 5, 2017

Just Another Rainy Day

Beth came for drinks and dinner last night. We drank most of a large bottle of champagne and then we went to La Brasserie. The food was perfect and it was quiet and calm; at one point we were the only people there. It was a nice soft evening nightcap for Beth after her day of transit from Tofino.
She gave me her memoire to read and she’s offered to read my script when it’s ready. It’s great we have each other for feedback.
After dinner I did more work on the defiant dress. My technique with foamcore is working excellently. I slice it into thin tapered strips and then assemble it in the form I want. It’s wonderfully repetitive — OCD heaven. I’m really happy to be underway on a dress again. I just love having something to do while I listen to TV on rainy days — and today is rainy.
And I’m in great shape. Whatever hit me a couple of weeks ago has passed. Last night, with Beth, I was talking up a storm and today I feel as strong. Beth starts her conference tonight and she’s at it all day tomorrow. I will work on the dress all the time except for when Beth want’s to get together.
This dress is not going to visually impress but I love it. It’s not funny and it’s not pretty but it’s (mildly) powerful at a time when bullying is in the news and ideal as the show’s title dress. This one’s not going to be nearly as much work as the last one.  


Lynda said...

Your photos are a daily inspiration. Where do you get them from? Are they a personal catalogue? Thank you so much for your blog. Lynda Tam

Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

Hi Lynda: I recreationally find the images online. I was a curator of photography when I was beginning my career and I had to be intellectually rigorous about my choices of exhibitions. But here, I just post images I like. I'm a slave to beauty, Lynda. Thank you for your kind comments and I'm very happy you like the images.