Thursday, May 25, 2017

Structural Confidence

The weather continues to be stunning.
Today I start the back of the skirt. It’s like starting over because it basically involves everything that I’ve been doing during the past month all over again — but with a different design and armed with the knowledge gained to date.
The load feels light because I feel the script is as far as I can take it without some thoughtful feedback. I will revise the words forever, but I think the plot points are in place; I think there’s adequate tension and enough novelty to overcome the absence of wit (so far).
There’s one thing in my script that I think is effective: Very early in the script, the protagonist threatens Royce, who’s against her plans, by saying: “I have two words for you, Royce: The apron.” And he immediately changes his behavior.
Later, the apron is used again as a threat and then it’s part of the big confrontation/resolution scene at the end of the play. That’s good structure, like a recurring joke. At least I have that to feel confident about.

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