Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Colin's In!

Colin, the editor/dramaturge/playwright has time for me. He has June 5 - 7 to work with me. That leaves me good time for re-writing; the Arts Club needs the script June 19, so I’m set. My pitch will go in tuned by a professional.
I’m on page 20 of the re-write. It’s only thirty-eight pages so I can finish it this week and then I’ll keep tweaking it until I sent it to Colin. I’m really enjoying writing in a way I haven’t for a long time — even over dressmaking.
Sunny and 25° for the next week!
This morning, I went to see Dr. Shoja. It was a seminal session. Something happened “inside me” that is very hard to explain. I tried to put it into words for her and we talked about it. It’s been a very good experience. I truly feel reconciled to living with an acute anxiety disorder and I understand what I can do and cannot do. Plus, I am comfortable with staying home and undertaking as many things as possible with an escort.
I am ready to go to her every second week. I am prepared to spend forever here at home as long as I have a studio and a project to work on.
I’ve decided to get a hide-a-bed for my living room if the Arts Club takes my show so that my bedroom can become my studio because I will have to keep my dresses for so long — perhaps two years: one year for the new play series and the following year for production if they produce it. But if they don’t, there’s the option of another theatre and so these ladies will be with me for a long time. There are mice in lockers, so that’s out.

Dad of the year!

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