Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crusty Clark is Doomed

Jane got a note today from Giuliano about my friend Bruce scared the crap out of his friends by having a cerebral hemorrhage last Sunday in Ravenna:
I went to visit Bruce!
He's fine because he asked me to read him the news about British Columbia!
He has fever, 38.
I hope he will recover soon and completely,
I hope so. 

I will go back later.

It’s cloudy but wonderfully warm — compensation for still having Crusty Clark as premier. Watching the election results was agonizing last night; it was so close. However, a smart and thoughtful Green Party holds the balance of power and that feels very good. I’m an NDR-er but they gave us Glen Clark once.
My speech was practically non-existent all day yesterday; I was reduced to sign language in shops. Dr. Shoja recommended a husband and wife team of physiotherapists;; the earliest I could see her was October so I’m seeing the hubby and a neurologist at the end of the month.
The physio should relieve some of my upper body pain from all the jerking. The neurologist has been assigned to assess whether or not my condition is related to my HIV medications. He’s not treating me.
Today I will try to get the surface I want onto the cement-like skirt of the defiant dress. I’m nervous and excited. This is one butt ugly dress currently.

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