Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Defiant Dress Progress

I know how weird/ugly this looks. Wait.

What a day yesterday was. I felt blissful all day.
First, the best appointment ever with Dr. Shoja who, I think, felt as I did about the progress I am making — not in getting over my symptoms but in learning how to live with them. I’m learning how to calm myself in a myriad of ways. The best part: I’m feeling ready for a reduction to bi-monthly therapy appointments starting in September.
Then there was yesterday’s weather: Ideal.
And in terms of work: I made considerable progress with the back of the defiant dress skirt. Her armour is padded. (See above.) And when you look at the letters carefully from the front you see “veins” on porous paper lining inside.
Plus I got to page 29 on the re-write of my (forty-page) script. I’ll finish it today and then start on the front of the bodice. I’m going to get the whole front finished if I can, so I can include its photo in the Arts Club script.
Colin’s availability to evaluate the script is adding to my confidence going into the theatre’s competition to be part of their new play series. I’m taking his Yes as an omen.

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