Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm Not a Pretty Sight

I made the film above of myself speaking this morning for an acquaintance living in Czechoslovakia. She called me on Skype and was freaked out. She wants the film so her buddy (whom I also met and liked very much) can see me too.
Just so you know: I am able to speak normally! It just takes the right circumstances.
Here at home when a true friend comes to visit, I speak awkwardly at first but once we are settled I soon speak perfectly. It’s possible for me to speak very well with trusted friends outside my home too, but in general speech is very difficult in the outside world.
The myoclonic movements you see in the film are the reason people get the impression I have cerebral palsy. Those movements exhaust and embarrass me and they are the reason my back muscles are giving me severe pain.
On the project front: The glue gun is hot and the wire is cut; I’m ready to start assembling the armature for dress number ten — the defiant dress. With this one I’m trying something new of course: This time it’s using paper pulp as a surface.
This is the dress that gives the show its title: The defiant dress. It involves a complex armature like the cardinal and the marble dresses and will feature words like the apron.
I love the idea of this dress for several reasons. For one thing, I’ve been making art with words and letters all my life. (That’s not really surprising considering that I’m a compulsive writer.) But the concept appeals to me as well: words and phrases on both sides that describe the owner. But on one side they are her thoughts about herself whereas on the other, they are things said about her by others.
I won’t get much done today, though, as we Wholesters are having lunch at Vandusen Garden. We’d planned on a walkabout but it’s pouring so we may do something else. Tonight Robin comes over and we’re going for dinner.
Next week is predicted to be sunny and with temperatures around 20°!

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