Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday: A Very Good Day

It felt so good on Thursday to be free of constant back pain. I went to Opus and got some foamcore — four big sheets of it for plan B building the defiant dress armature.
It was too nice to stay home once I got back so I drove to the park (!). I walked to the aquarium’s outdoor Waterfall Café for lunch but it was closed. The fast food joint at Lumberman’s Arch was open though and I was thrilled with it as an alternative because it was supurb to be in the tranquility of the park before tourist season.
At this time of year, inside the park, is heavenly. It’s void of assholes; it’s all families and happy people on their own. The seawall is too busy for me but inside the park is paradise. It’s a beautiful time of year in the park; everything is erect and about to burst; the leaves of everything pointing straight up.
I walked for two hours and it was just perfect. Next time I’ll take the bus and walk longer. I love the park and I still love walking.
Back at the defiant dress armature in the sunshine of late afternoon I’m seeing success.
Dwight called this afternoon from Cranbrook and Bruce calls often from Italy. Their calls remind me that I’m blessed. I never friendships them for granted; they are my most valuable possession. And tonight Beth is coming for drinks at six and I’ve got a reservation for us at one of my favourite neighbourhood places, Le Brasserie…on a sunlit night.

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