Monday, May 15, 2017

ReACT Maybe

Good news and a major change in plans!!
I’m stopping work on dresses and going back to work on my script. Rachael, the Arts Club’s dramaturge has short-listed my script for their summer reading retreat. Here’s what she said about the retreat:
“Once a year Bill [the artistic director] and I read and discuss a limited number of submissions that I curate over the course of the season. Scripts then either move forward into development with us or we pass on the project. If you’re game to wait on that, I should have an answer for you by the end of June.”
Am I game! And I told her so. I believe if my script is accepted, it will become part of their ReACT series. How proud I would be! The Arts Club is the most prestigious theatre company in the city.
She also said this: “What an awesome idea, and I love the dresses. Brilliant!” So I know she likes the idea. If I fail to actually get into their script development program it will be because of my writing but I’ve told her I need help with the script and that’s the purpose of the program. So this pessimist with confidence issues is actually optimistic.
I’m half way there. Now I write and write and write for the chance of a lifetime.
But I won’t die if they say No. I promise.

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