Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Finished My Draft

Wow! I finished. My script has gone to Beth to read and I’ve sent the text of the letters to friends scattered about, asking them to write them out and mail them to me so I can use letters that betray different habits and text in the show. I’ll have postal franks from across the country.
I’ve, of course, no idea of what I have in this play — whether it works or not. It’s bland right now, I think. Not a roaring comedy; just a mild amusement with cleverness in the properties.
But I have a gut feeling that there’s worth in it. It’s topical for a city with a sparkling new art gallery about to open on the North Van waterfront (and that I founded) and with the VAG planning on a huge relocation project. And it’s different, being part exhibition.
So back to working on dress number ten. I’m lining the edges of the skirt I’m finishing, fastening the batting onto the back. I was going to start building the bodice front next (that I’ve decided will be detached) but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to do the back of the skirt because it provides depth to the unfinished piece. It’s thematically in contrast to the front of the skirt, whereas the front bodice maintains the theme of the skirt front.

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