Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Butt Connectors

I picked up Wendy in my little red Fiat and we went to Vandusen for lunch — we were two of four assembled Wholesters. (The rest bailed; it was pouring.) Wendy and I went to high school together; Dianne and Tim are long-time friends.
It was nice we were a small group. We could talk and get to know each other. Whereas I have known them all for a long time, the others are new to each other. After lunch Tim left and the rest of us walked through the park in the rain. There was no one else in sight; it was really lovely with everything bursting into Spring.
In the afternoon I bought some butt connectors. Are you thinking double-ended dildos like I did or am I too gay? I have no idea what butt connectors are but I think an electrician might.
I went to the hardware store looking for something to help me build my wire armatures. I have trouble joining the wires and I thought I might find something hollow into which I could slip and crimp wire ends. And I did: The aforesaid butt connectors.
They work perfectly! The defiant dress armature is going to be much easier to complete. I keep learning. Each new involves a new challenge.

I'm never without saucisson sec. Can't help it.

I could die! It's the perfect size.

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