Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Full-On Summer

At some point later today I am going to put the batting on the back of the front part of the defiant dress and it’ll be one-quarter finished. I have one more word — five letters — to cut and line with paper. It’s taken a month to get this far. 
First I built a metal armature and then I made the structure sturdy with foamcore. After that came a coating of thick absorbent paper to grip the layer of paper mulch I put on next; then came four layers of tissue paper applied with papier maché paste. Then I carved into it, re-applied tissue paper to all the cut edges of the letters (brutal) and reinforced the fragile bits with wire on the back. That’s a hell of a lot of work. It’s a big piece.
And now I have to do the same thing four more times: the bottom back and the two top halves. Pass the Zanex. Three months for one ugly but dress that I love.
This morning I started working on scene two. I’m keen to get at it, too, because I’m approaching an interesting part of the journey of this project — a journey that began with no destination in mind but one that has veered toward the Arts Club thanks to a friend. And in five weeks, this leg of the journey will end in glee or gore.
Now that I’m clear on what I’m doing with the defiant dress I can put dialogue into Charlotte’s mouth about it. That’s what I did this morning. I added that bit into the scene and boy does it work.
I’m back to feeling confident about my project — not over-confident, just a healthy confident and aware of the potential to be rejected. Every hour of work makes me prouder of the whole script/exhibition package.
But before I get down to work again, I’m off on a walk in the sunshine with Cathy.

Seriously: Look at this man!

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