Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Three Seizures

Three seizures Monday and the back pain they (and stuttering) cause is staggering. I’ve decided to go back to massage therapy again and to talk to Dr. Shoja about another increase in my medication. I need to suppress these symptoms.
Being outside in the world feels like being in a hostile jungle. Air brakes, bus breaks, truck backing-up signals and asshole bikers with no muffler scrape the skin off my soul; loud sound crushes me. I try to stick to on side streets but the stores I want to go to are all on the high street. Doing everything involves a strategy … except being at home. The word sanctuary has real meaning for me here.
Beth leaves Vancouver today for three days in Tofino. Today I see Dr. Shoja and I may walk home because it is so beautiful outside today. This afternoon I may start on dress number ten.

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