Friday, May 26, 2017

How ReACT Works

What a day yesterday!
Bruce’s sister wrote to update my about my friend’s health. His condition is rather frightening to think about; his temperature is up again. He’s the hospital in Ravenna, Italy, after having a stroke three weeks ago, tomorrow. I write him long emails every day.
I made incredible progress on the defiant dress. I am doing the back of the skirt now and I really like it; even though it isn’t very pretty, it’s moving when you know the story.
And Beth wrote to praise aspects of my script and to point out deficiencies that I will address today — I’ll go back to dressmaking for periodic breaks from writing.
And I know what I’m going to do for dress number eleven. I’ve got to go and buy another mannequin to do it but I’ll be making the dress with cheap paper. After this epic defiant dress, I needed to do one that’s simpler — so I’m doing a fortune cookie dress. I plan to make it so that people can pull out fortunes (and then leave them in a basket for re-loading).
And finally, my friend Camille said that ReACT happens in January. Rachel works with the selected playwrights to get the scripts as good as possible and then actors are hired to do a reading. They rehearse for two days with Rachel and the playwright and then on the third day there’s a public read through.
Afterwards there’s a Q&A and that’s it. Then they choose which of the read plays to take into production, so I should know about production possibilities of my script at the Arts Club early next year. That’s not too long to wait.

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