Saturday, May 6, 2017

Texture Challenge Begun

Again: I know this doesn’t look great. I’ve known from the get-go this ain’t gunna be a beauty dress. This is as odd as making a dress inspired by a cardinal bird, but I don’t question my intuition.
Saturday there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I did a two-hour walk that took me past two art supply stores. It ain’t easy for me out there. I arrived back exhausted. Chris.2 is a pussy.
Once recovered, I worked on the dress. Challenge two with this dress was achieving the surface texture I want but I’ve done it — at least I’m on my way. I have to wait to see how it dries to know for sure but things are coming along.
There’s a good strong paper on the foamcore to which the paper pulp can meld. I wet the paper before I apply the pulp. The pulp is the third layer and I plan to put tissue on top of what you see above.

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