Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Defiant Dress Surface Success

From the It Never Rains, It Pours Department:
  1. “The doctor has some results he’d like to talk to you about.” As if Bruce having a hemorrhage wasn’t enough, that sentence always takes my speech away — I get nervous every time about what the treatment involves.  
  2. A vital member of the Arts Club Theatre came by my place to deliver something for Bruce and she flipped out over my dresses. She asked me about them so I explained that they were props for a play. At her request, I delivered as good and as brief an oral scenario as I could and she left promising to advocate to the Arts Club dramaturge about my project — and me and my history at the Arts Club. She is going to urge Rachael, their dramaturge, to come here to see my dresses and read my script for their BMO play development series. Dreams coming true is a cliché but having a play produced has been my life-long ambition. I was content with that desire being an unattainable objective and now I am very close to my personal Mount Everest because of all the theatres in the world, my heart belongs to the Arts Club. And this was happenstance, not strategy. How great is that?!
  3. The surface of the defiant dress is achieved (see above)! I’m gaining faith in myself with every dress. Plus: Its two new textures with paper — mulch and crepe. And yes I know, it continues to look ugly. I am very happy with that. It has exactly the look I want because it’s conceptual emotional “armour.” Now I have the surface texture achieved in this test patch to the whole surface of both skirt pieces.

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