Saturday, May 4, 2019

1/3 Done!

Well, I’m one third done! Two cords are stacked.
This morning, my wrists were working well, unlike yesterday morning. Even this old body can adapt. The work today was easier, perhaps because I knew it was ending for a few days. Two more cords are imminent.
It felt very good to be done and to get back to routines: watering, raking and sweeping, pet care and laundry. And stealing. I took some soil from the empty lot next door to fill single pot planters where I plan to put the Raspberries and some Sweet Peas.
I loved watering. I loved standing still in the sunshine and giving sustenance to my plants. The warm sunshine on my skin pleased me like a drug; my tired old body drank in its heat and energy.
Then I went for a walkabout to take these photos:
Laundry on the line, handrail and on the rack. Laundry = home. I love
having it out to dry and not using my drier.
Plants are starting to creep up the trellis and the plants around the fountain
have grown nice and tall.
This is new lawn, just a bit, edging my new garden in the backyard (that is
still in process). The rocks were stolen from next door. This part of the yard
was a mess of roots and rocks and crap until this Spring.
To the right of the new garden and lawn is where I have my three Apple trees.
This is the Garden of Stolen Stones. It's new this year and
it tidies up land under tall Fir trees that gets much more
light now that I have opened the canopy.

Two cords of wood, excellently stacked with air space between the rows of
wood to better facilitate drying. Four more cords are coming. I burn six
cords per winter because Iike to be warm and my fireplace is my only
source of heat.
Radishes on the left and in the middle, Beets (barely) on
the right. They may need more sun than in this location.
Garlic. Lots of it!
One of two Grape vines and you can see the screen I've been weaving into
the fence to keep Deer from nibbling on the Blueberries and Grapes.
My vegetable garden covers part of my septic field. In Springtime, the ground
provides a lovely green carpet. Ain't it pretty?

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